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Company Searches, Background Checks & Corporate Private Investigations

Business fraud is an ever-growing threat, as economic uncertainty bites and some companies turn to desperate matters in order to survive. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission ASIC lists the worst offenders on the investment front. This is a great effort in the right direction. It is a pity that like, all government statistics the latest information has not filtered through to people doing background checks for missing persons.

Business and Company Searches & Corporate Private Investigations

The ASIC provides a facility for researching companies, registered bodies, foreign companies, associations, managed investment schemes, and non-registered entities. This information includes the organisation name and type, unique identifier, registration date, location of registered office, and any professional licences or registrations. This provides core data needed for more in-depth background checks and business, company and missing person searches

The Australian Federal Police offer access to background checks for employment and security purposes. They usually only provide this information to the individual concerned. Our advice is, if you need this information concerning anybody you are contemplating doing business with, then you could be wise to reconsider the relationship.

How Missing Persons in Australia Uses Personal and Company Information

Missing Persons in Australia is an Australian owned private investigation company  employing government-licensed investigators highly trained in finding missing people fast, anywhere in Australia or overseas. We act on behalf of a wide variety of corporate and private clients, and we guarantee a discreet and trustworthy service.

We have enquiries daily from companies trying to trace an absconded business partner, single parents wishing to recover child maintenance from their ex-spouse, and businesses hoping to trace a debtor owing them a considerable amount of money. A surprising number of these names turn up in background checks, corporate private investigation reports, and business and company searches.

When we suspect we know where these missing persons are, a simple phone call may be sufficient to confirm the fact and pass the information to the client. This has been the critical success factor in many missing person investigations down the past twelve years. Please call 1300 553 788 or leave a message if you would like us to assist.

We have business and professional registration and comprehensive public liability and indemnity cover. Being in Brisbane brings the benefits of local Queensland knowledge, and you can use us in confidence to put your own interests first. Speak to us first, for your missing person requirements.

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