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Personal Name and Asset Searches on the Personal Property Securities Register

Missing Persons in Australia regularly searches for, and finds missing people in Australia away from where are. We do this through the power of internet reach, and in conjunction with our extensive network of colleagues across the country. These associates are particularly helpful when we suspect we have a lead, and need someone remote to confirm if this is accurate.

In this article, we outline the two main strategies we follow to trace a missing person based an asset that they own, and have registered in a public or private database. Our personal property private investigation service is effective and discreet.

1. Personal Name and Asset Searches

People quite often conceal their assets, so that either these – or they themselves - are difficult to find. Although asset concealment is not a crime, it is a pointer to bad faith. Why else would they want to hide what they have? The prevailing circumstances may be an impending lawsuit, a divorce or a child support order.

We employ the same technology when searching for a missing person. Wherever they may be, they have a real or statutory interest in recording rights over fixed property, tangible assets like motor vehicles, and intangible assets such as intellectual property. All these registers have name and address fields. Personal name and asset searches can be as simple as that.

2. The Personal Property Securities Register

The PPSR Personal Property Securities Register is primarily there to help confirm ownership of as asset potentially changing hands. At the personal level, this could be a motor vehicle, boat, motorcycle, truck, or machinery search. Car dealers use it to confirm VIN’s, odometer histories, and insurance claims.

This system is gradually replacing state, territory and commonwealth registries. As stated before, all these databases record names and addresses against registerable events.

These digital databases are an invaluable aid in missing person searches and property location private investigations. People that have gone missing deliberately, inadvertently or under some form of duress seldom realise how transparently they expose their whereabouts. However, this is often just the beginning of finding them.

Assistance Available from Missing Persons in Australia

Our skilled operatives include several exceptionally talented internet researchers. They are adept at linking across to related databases and knowledge sources. Please call 1300 553 788 if you would like to consult a detective concerning a missing person or related query. You are most welcome to complete a web form, or leave a message about a missing person or property location private investigation.

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