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Finding a Missing Child or a Family Member in Australia

Google does not often provide direct answers when we are missing a family member. If we search ‘family member’, our search engine results pages are more likely to turn up a mix of private detectives and scholarly research pages. Missing people seldom if ever list themselves on the internet because they are not trying to be found. They have either deliberately disappeared, or something is preventing them from returning.

So Is it Pointless to Search ‘Family Member in Australia Missing’?

The internet contains many valuable tips for people missing a family member, or hoping to find a missing child. The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre has a database of missing people in Australia containing photos and profiles of people who have disappeared. If you search for a family member by entering their name in the website search pane, there is a small chance of finding someone else looking for them if they have been missing for some time.

How the Skip Tracing Method Helps Us Find a Missing Child or Adult

Skip tracing is a proven method of finding missing people, because it is more thorough than typing ‘search family member in Australia’ on the internet, followed by their name. Skip tracing is a time-consuming process in which we glean every scrap of information about the missing person on public and private databases, and search family member records.

Once we have assembled an objective profile of the missing person in our mind, we can visit places where they have been before, and chat with their family, partners, work colleagues, and friends.

The purpose of this research is to answer two related questions:

  • What could have caused them to break with their routine and vanish?
  • Are there any recurring clues to where they might possibly have gone?

As we identify areas where their family, partners, work colleagues, and friends think they might be, we compare the possibilities with what we know about them, and start looking in likely places.

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