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Locating Family Members and Other Missing Persons in Australia

Suddenly finding someone missing when we look for them is unnerving. Thoughts flash though our minds as we imagine something terrible has happened. We wish we knew more about locating missing persons as we panic about these situations:

    • Our child we last saw playing in the park with friends has disappeared
    • Our teen who went surfing has not come home and it is getting dark
    • Our spouse on a business trip did not call back when we left a message
    • Our partner or key employee vanished off the radar without explaining
    • Our tenant moonlighted with the furniture and the keys to the house

Of course, your situation may be different, but you do need to move fast because trails do go cold and witness memories do fade … if your need is really urgent, perhaps you should call 1300 553 788 or email us now.

Help with Locating Missing Persons, Family Members and Colleagues

Missing Persons in Australia specialises in locating family members, tracing missing persons and business associates, and locating missing tenants and all other types of debtors. We are a privately owned company with full recognition from the Australian Institute of Private Detectives AIPD and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited ASIAL. We find all categories of missing persons in Australia, and we find them fast.


A missing person creates a sinking feeling in the hearts of people they leave behind, especially if they have no knowledge or experience of locating missing tenants, family members and other missing people. The uncertainty and pain affects everything around us, as we feel the stress levels rise and scramble about in a panic, not knowing what to do.

Missing Persons in Australia is here to assist you in your hour of need. We have been quietly finding people who disappeared throughout Australia for the past sixteen years. We have an enviable success rate and a reputation for solving cases in a few days.

What You Can Do Now to Find a Missing Person Fast

Whether locating family members, locating missing tenants or locating missing persons generally, the principles are the same. First touch bases with their close family and friends, and double-check their regular haunts.

If you do not find the person you are looking for in three hours you may need professional assistance, and you may need it fast. Call us on 1300 553 788 to seek urgent advice, or leave a message and find us ready to begin searching for your missing person right away.

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