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Missing Persons In Australia is a specialised Private Investigation  Australia company who specialise in locating missing people in Australia.  The team of experienced Private Investigators are all Government licensed and highly trained in finding missing people fast, anywhere Australia wide or overseas.

With access to numerous databases and our expert investigative skills, Missing Persons In Australia can help locate your missing person today, whether it is for your personal, family or business interests.

A missing person can affect anyone and is never a comfortable feeling.  The uncertainty and pain it brings to many people’s lives can leave you in a highly stressful situation.  We understand locating a missing person is extremely important and, as the matters can sometimes be sensitive, we treat all with care.

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High success rate and fast turnaround for locating missing persons Australia including;

  • Debtors
  • Ex Partners
  • Birth Partners
  • Lost Pets
  • Business Associates
  • Old School Friends
  • Tenants
  • Witnesses
  • Claimants

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Let us help you find the missing person, fast and hassle free! Our Private Investigators are highly skilled in this field and have access to local, state, national and international resources that lead to high levels of intelligence gathering that results in locating missing persons. If you are looking to locate a missing person in Australia or overseas, stop searching and let our experienced missing person Private Investigators provide you with answers.

With over 18 years experience in locating missing persons in Australia you can rely on us for a professional, affordable, friendly service with fast results.  All Private Investigation matters including finding a missing person, locating an abducted child, witnesses for a legal case, locating family members, skip tracing, finding friends and colleagues and / or missing beneficiaries will be Strictly Private & Confidential.

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